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Our clients include leading insurance companies, as well as national and international renowned industrial and business corporations, operating in leading and various sectors, such as energy (including nuclear, solar, wind, geothermal), chemical - petrochemical, pharmacy, electronics, computer systems, mechanics/metallurgy, industry, aviation, automobile, food products, supermarkets and chains, luxury brands, household appliances and construction.



More and more cases go to the courtrooms. Litigation accounts for an important part of our activity and we obtain excellent results. That being said, such proceedings are still time-consuming, costly and uncertain. In this context, our key priority is to contemplate the potential for negotiated agreements; we assist our clients in each and every steps towards negotiation and amicable dispute resolution.

We are committed to inter-company mediation. Christophe Adrien was qualified in 2011 by the CMAP (Center for Mediation and Arbitration of Paris) to negotiation and mediation techniques. Carine Duongkeaw, associate, followed the same training in 2018. Our firm is then well prepared to assist our clients in all phases of contractual or legal mediation.

We are convinced that those alternative means of resolving disputes will develop more over the coming years.  We want to go with you towards these effective solutions.


We are involved in cases abroad and we have a network of renowned local counsels, thanks to our involvement in "The Federation of Defense & Corporate Counsel" (FDCC), a US organization comprising the best specialists in insurance and business risks in many countries.

On the US territory, we work with the offices of Butler Legal in Chicago, managed by Clark Schirle, with whom we have established a close and long-standing relationship of trust.




  • On one hand, property and time element coverages (analyzing coverage as well as making subrogatory actions and recoveries for both insurer and insured’s interests),

  • On the other hand, casualty insurance (General liability, contractual and extra-contractual, product liability, professional liability, errors and omissions, product recall, pure financial loss, lost revenues, dismantling and reinstalling costs, premises, goods under care and custody, builder’s risks, fraud, financial lines, fidelity...).




  • Investigating the cause of losses, as well as their assessment;

  • Recoveries or defense against liability actions.

We handle very complex cases with huge financial impacts. We want to meet those challenges. This is why our close and dynamic team provides you with customized and accurate solutions which respond to your unique expectations.


Our firm benefits each and every year from the recognition and awards by specialized media, including in 2024: ranked “Excellent” in “Industrial risks and insurance litigation”, "Solid reputation" in "Product Liability", "Aviation" and "Regulatory - Insurance - Reinsurance" by “Décideurs”; 2 Gold medals in “Industrial Risks” and  "Product Liability", 1 Silver medal in "Insurance" by “Le Monde du Droit”; Selected in Insurance Law by "Best Lawyers" and "Who's Who Legal"; Ranked among "The Best French Law firms in 2022" by "Le Point" in Insurance Law.

Those independent rankings directly come from feedbacks expressed by our clients, peers and partners. They are consistent and reliable; they reflect our genuine position on the insurance market.

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